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The Most Crucial Winning Poker Book - Your Journal

Why Have a Poker Journal?

Poker is a long-lasting video game. They do not know the difference between playing the website they are on (or the table) and the other websites in the poker world. Fish do not play poker for the long-term.

Numerous gamers who strive to be more miss out on out on the Most Powerful Tool poker has to offer - HISTORICAL REALITY. How it occurred. Because, guess what ... It'll occur again!

If you do not keep records then you can't learn as quickly as you ought to from your errors. Your poker journal is how you tap the most powerful poker tool that exists.

If you do not keep records then you miss out on the Most Powerful Tool poker has to offer - YOUR BRAINPOWER. It's exactly what's going to set the course for your future success or failure.

It's controlled by feelings, it has heaps of non-poker work to do, and it tends to fail you at the worst times in poker. Rather of relying on your head, rely on your poker journal. A poker journal never ever forgets.

The how's and why's of keeping a poker journal:

Ideally I've convinced you that a poker journal will really add value and results to your poker video game. In essence the HOW is easy. Just start doing it! But, here are some things I've done for years with my poker journal. Hopefully you can use some of them.

While you can keep a poker journal electronically on your computer, I don't recommend it. And while any old spiral notebook will do, I would encourage you to obtain something more substantial. Your next time out, take a shopping journey for a journal. About electronic journals, consider it this way; the number of computer files can you find from 3 years ago? Few. How many images do you have from your childhood? Most likely numerous. Physical things are irreversible, electronic files are quickly lost, forgotten or harmed. So choose the physical thing.

All of this is important for me because I require my journal to be prepared to go and hold up to my way of life. I go through about 1 refill every 9 months or so and I clearly keep the old journals for reference. I bring my journal with me virtually all the time, and I make notes in it frequently.

What do you write in your journal?

I use my journal for personal notes and goals as well as poker goals - to me they are one in the very same; because, poker makes lots of elements of my life possible and my life affects my poker. I begin every journal with my life goals and concepts that help me be successful at whatever I'm doing.

After that I just write whatever I think is necessary as it enters your mind. These like things like:

  • Starting Hand Charts
  • Poker Session, SnG, and MTT notes
  • Poker concepts I check out in books, publications and online
  • Summaries of what I think helps me achieve my poker and life goals
  • Personal Improvement ideas and notes
  • Repetitive Sentences - This one is important.

Poker has an excellent capability to tie us up in knots when we have bad sessions or make mistakes. The best way to exercise the negative energy that gets built up in times like this is to write a sentence 50-100 times. That helps me work out the unfavorable emotions and refocus my efforts. Arbitrarily opening my journal I see a couple pages of "I will follow my rules 100 % when I play." That's from a couple of sessions of breaking my own excellent recommendations and playing like a fool.

So those are some concepts of what you could keep. I have notes about exactly what poker articles I need to compose, time management actions, and even questions I use to approach life in a favorable way. It's all great!! Because the act of writing focuses the mind, it makes permanent lots of things that you would lose if you aimed to remember them in your head; it clarifies; and it gives you something to look back on and see your achievements.

If you're interested in seeing inside my journal, here's a sample. A number of these things do not appear poker related, however they set the foundations for my poker success. Continue here football betting tips and accumulators facebook


  1. Time, Flexibility, Independence - I am an independent human being who has 100 % control of my time and actions without monetary restrictions or pressures.
  2. Discipline, Desire, Control - I have the discipline and desire to manage my own time and activities in a way that brings well-rounded fullness for me and for my family.
  3. A Transforming Force - I am a positive force to transform those around me for a better and happier life.
  4. Kaizen - I will enhance and grow in large or small significant and positive ways in some aspect of my life every day up until the day I die.

"We are exactly what we believe. All that we are emerges with our thoughts. With our ideas we make our world" The Buddha

"Things do not change. We change." Henry David Thoreau

Issue Solving Questions: (from Anthony Robbins).

  1. Exactly what is fantastic about this issue?
  2. What is not ideal?
  3. What am I going to DO making it the way I want it?
  4. What am I going to no longer do making it the way I want it?
  5. How can I delight in the process WHILE I do exactly what is essential making it the way I desire it?

Those are just some bits from my poker journal. Those do not say "poker", but for me they are vital to ongoing poker success. Many of my journal entries are the basis for chapters in this book, because they have actually become complete articles on the topic in question.